Sunday, January 14, 2007

Hand Seal Guide

All GenJutsu and NinJutsu need hand seals to be performed. TaiJutsu no needs hand seals because it simply needs no Chakra. The main function of a Hand Seal is similar to that of magic words. Hand Seals are used to activate the technique, and release all the gathered Chakra. Hand Seals stand out for animals, specifically the animals found in the Oriental Zodiac signs. That's why there are 12 seals, one for each of the 12 years found in Oriental zodiacs.

Below i show you the 12 main hand seals used by ninjas to perform Jutsus. Each different Jutsu has a unique combination of seals and each different seal represents an animal of the Chinese Zodiac. Check It Out!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for leaving the names in japanese too!

noble johnson said...

thanks ive always wanted to know what the hand signs are.