Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Naruto's Chakra

Chakra, the most important element in the series. Can you imagine how the Naruto series would look like without Chakra? Not only does it respresents strength, it also gives a certain personality to the character. Chakra is basicly the power Masashi Kishimoto, the series' creator, gave to the Ninjas in the series. Chakra is the energy needed by a ninja to perform jutsus.In the world of Naruto there are a lot of different Chakra-types a person can mold and use. We've only seen a few so far.

Types of Chakra

There are five different types of chakra: Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, and Lighting. The Uchiha clan tends to have the fire type of chakra, although Sasuke can use both lightning and fire. Kakashi is of the lightning type. Naruto is of the wind type. Most Jounin can use at least two types of chakra. Using two types of chakra at the same time is often a result of a bloodline limit. For Haku, he used water and wind types to create ice. Yamato uses earth and water to create wood. To find out the type of chakra a ninja uses they use paper from a tree that feeds off of chakra. If the paper splits you're type of chakra is wind, if it bursts into flames yours is fire, gets soggy its of water, the papper crumples if you are of lightning, and it turns to dust if you are of earth chakra.